Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Whats with Wilson

So I have a nagging question on my mind that just won't go away......who in the name of god is slipping Wilson roofies? Is it Toskala? Maybe not a bad plan on his part. Seriously though, he has been sticking up for Toskala a lot (I'm not going to link anything to his comments because honestly, if you have not read them already and know what I'm talking about you should reconsider your leafanism).

Either way, I just think him saying nice things about someone who is not playing very well...and someone he has had no problems chastising in the recent past is kinda freaking me out. Maybe it's just some leftover painkillers Toskala had from his operation. If that's the case then expect it to get ugly shortly if he can't get the prescription refilled. Only other explanation is that Francois Allaire told Wilson he could help Vesa and that he has huge potential with some work!

Yeah Painkiller's it is, damn........

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A letter to Komisarek

Hey Mike,

I'm going to be honest with you right off the bat....I never really liked you. Maybe it was because you were a member of the Habs or because in my mind I thought you were over hyped. Either way I'm going to put that behind me now and offer you a little friendly advice with something, a dark figure sitting in the back of your mind, the one you don't want to talk about.

Note Savard in the background snickering at the situation.....you feeling it yet, yes thats it.....anger....and maybe a little shame. I'll be honest with you again Mike, I had the same expression as Savard watching this fight when it happened. But now you wear a Maple Leaf and things have changed. I've read Bruins fans mocking that you shouldn't have went to Toronto, because your still going to have to play Lucic regularly and that you should have switched Conferences.

Now I'm going to let you in on a little secret that may have been clouded in hype and false statistics....Lucic is not as tough as everyone thinks he is, in fact he's a little dirty and honours no code. He does possess incredible strength, but your stronger and the fact is you were just doing it wrong.

To help explain we are going to watch it.....You may want to sit for this part Mike.

I know, I know....it's OK though Mike, it happens. Now did you see why he beat the dog shit out of you? No? Well let's watch it again, no not yours again, let's watch what happened to Phil Oreskovic.

Same thing, but Phil isn't as strong as you.....and his right arm was completely tied down where you were able to throw punches that just had no umph. Because really, that's all Lucic does, other than pick his fights very carefully.......he ties up an arm, and he does this very well. He's incredibly strong and a master at hand placement on a jersey. There is a way through this however if you find your arm tied up by him.....lets see how Chris Neil (I know I know) dealt with it.

See that? Right off the bat Neil pushes with his legs on every punch as he swings keeping his back foot planted and only turning it when he punches, enabling him (he's not as strong as you either) to stay within good range of Lucic and prevent him from using those long punishing punches he likes to throw. In fact it completely threw Lucic off his game and he got a little wild. A better fighter like Laraque or Orr would have flattened him for it.

There is also another way to deal with Lucic's punch from a distance technique.....But you are going to have to get your fist and then right elbow up and over top of his left arm from the inside while it's tied to you, not a lot of people could do this, but you are strong and quick enough. When you manage to do that you'll find yourself about 8 inches closer and his arm is going to be pulling his body down towards you. Left uppercuts are your friend here.

That about sums it up Mike, your in a tough spot but you can do it, if you stay calm, don't start with the pretend smile and laugh trying to hide the fear. He's a one style fighter who likes to pick his fights very carefully with people he thinks he can dominate. You could just let Orr deal with him but your going to have to lay him out at some point to get the monkey off your back. Good luck, do yourself and our maple leaf proud.